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We’re Looking For Comedy

Can you author comedic fiction that doesn’t just achieve a gentle chortle or mild chuckle but leaves your reader clutching their sides and gasping for breath? If you think you have this ability then whynot submit your humorous tales to Black Coffey Publishing and have your work read by the rapidly expanding eBook audience?

As a specialist digital publisher we can help put your work in front of a worldwide audience, giving you and your writing the recognition it deserves. The publishing process is straightforward and our licensing agreements are easy to understand and ensure you get paid, as well as read.

Comedic Inspiration

Of course, we only want comedy that is unique, but if you enjoy the following and think that you can deliver a similarbrand of humour, why not give it a try?

* Curb Your Enthusiasm * Outnumbered * The Office * Only Fools & Horses * Spaced * Black Books * The Young Ones * Tony Hancock * In The Thick Of It * Joe Dunthorne * Peepshow * The West Wing

If you’re confident you have the talent, want to be read and get paid for your work then submit your work using the form below.

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Black Coffey Publishing can only accept soft copies of you work and do not accept manuscripts by post. Please ensure your contact details and the title of your work are clearly marked. The form above accepts manuscripts in .txt .rtf or .doc formats only.