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What We’re Looking For

We find enjoyment in a story well told and are looking for those that have an ear for snappy, witty dialogue; those who deliver unique, sophisticate tales through playful prose and a flowing written style. If you’re an author or student that is finding it hard to secure an agent, an author that has had some limited success in being published or just want the opportunity to have your work read by thousands of people then Black Coffey Publishing can help.

Can You Write

  • Character based short stories?
  • Sharp turns of phrase and snappy dialogue that leaps off the page (or screen!)?
  • Fiction that can stand up to the test of time?
  • Short stories upto 3,000 words in length?

Great Stories, Well Told

Our priority is to find fictional stories with strong, believable characters and flowing, intriguing plots all placed within real life settings.  We accept fiction in a wide variety of genres so why not give it a try today?

Our Genres

Drama  |  Comedy  |  Adventure  |  Action  |  Thriller  |  Crime  |  Tragedy

Get Writing Today

Now you know what we’re looking for and you understand the types of fiction that we find enjoyment in. If you think you can entertain us then please, get writing, submit your work, get published and paid.