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Licensed Rights

The second publishing contract Black Coffey Publishing offer is a Licensed Rights agreement.  This measn the author grants a license over the work in digital form to Black Coffey Publishing.  The author is identified as the work’s creator.  Black Coffey Publishing isn’t identified as the author, we understand our role is to publish the work.

Our License Rights Agreement has the following main clauses:

Rights granted.  The author grants an exclusive licence of the Rights and an exclusive right to sub-license and permit further sub-licensing of the Rights.  The Agreement will come into force on the date of its execution for a fixed period of fifteen years from the date of signature by the Publisher.

Payable fee.  The fee Black Coffey Publishing pays for these rights is 1p per word upto 3,000 words.  Once this fee has been paid there will be no further royalty payments between the publisher and author.

Digital rights only.  Black Coffey Publishing are only interested in the digital publishing rights.  Print, film, and any other performance of the works remains in the ownership of the author.

Art work.  Our agreements require any artwork supplied with your original submission to to supplied with full permissions for Black Coffey Publishing to use the artwork with the story.

Marketing support.  The Publishers will have sole discretion for the publication, distribution, sale and marketing of the Work. We will also consult the Author in connection with, but will have sole discretion for, the jacket/cover design and, the text typographical arrangement.

Author’s ownership.  The Work is the original work of the Author and the Author is the sole author of the Work (apart from the copyright material not owned by the Author which is included in the Work with the copyright owner’s permission).

Previously unpublished.  The Work has not, and no substantial part of the Work has, been previously published or distributed in the Territory or elsewhere;

Establishing the author’s moral rights.  The Author asserts his or her right to be identified as the author of the Work, and the Publishers will include a notice of that assertion in every copy of the Work (and will require licensees of Rights under this Agreement to include a notice of that assertion in every copy of the Work).