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Why Publish With Us?

We understand that even as a talented author it can be difficult to get published and have your work read, let alone get paid for your manuscripts. Through our easy and flexible e-publishing system however we regularly release ebook publications, helping writers like you to reach a truly global audience.

How We Can Help You…

  • Get a platform for distribution in 47 markets worldwide with a simple, no hassle process.
  • Be published on Apple Stores, Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony eReader and the Kobo family of stores (WH Smith in the UK, for example).
  • Submit both unsolicited and solicited manuscripts.
  • Get paid for your manuscripts with 2 flexible licensing options.
  • You keep the print, TV and film rights; we’re only interested in digital.

Whether you are an unpublished author, have been published on a limited basis or are a creative writing student that wants to earn for your talents, publishing with us is simple and straightforward.  You choose a licensing option and submit your story and if it’s what we’re looking for, you can expect to be published… fast.